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Mold Removal Bergen County

Dedicated to providing the best mold removal and repair services in the region, Mold Removal Bergen County is in this business to win. With many years of expertise and in-depth training, our PMII Certified Mold Removal Professionals are prepared to handle any mold issue people may have. Additionally, we have an inspection staff who can help them find any possible mold problems in their house or place of business and remediators who can remove any mold already there safely and efficiently. They may be confident that they get the most outstanding service when clients work with us. We will assign one of our property managers to their case and will work closely with them throughout the process to ensure that their issue is resolved. 

Mold Removal Bergen County is aware of the possible health risks that mold can present and the necessity of acting quickly to treat mold growth in people’s homes or places of business. We provide thorough mold inspection and removal services as a result. Our team of licensed experts can thoroughly inspect their property to find any potential mold growth locations and to confirm the existence of dangerous mold species. After that, we will give them a thorough mold inspection report with our conclusions and remedial suggestions. They may be sure we will treat their mold issue swiftly and effectively, thanks to our experience and knowledge.

We Are The Local Pros In Mold Removal Services

Lead Testing and Removal

When lead is found, a lead abatement protocol is needed to ensure all impacted areas are correctly identified and removed. Lead inspections find lead in materials like paint and finished surfaces.

Mold Remediation

First, get a professional mold report. It will help determine the problem's scope and solution. After the report is finished, a mold remediation professional can clean the damaged area with an antimicrobial agent and encapsulant.

Mold Inspection

An inspection for visible colony growth, sampling of moldy suspects/air sampling of non-visible spores, identification of the underlying moisture trigger, and recommendations to correct the problem are all part of the mold inspection.

Local Law 31

Young toddlers exposed to lead can have behavior and learning issues. While lead-based paint was banned in NYC in 1960, older buildings may still have it. Building owners are responsible for keeping tenants safe from lead-based paint.

Mold Testing

After cleanup, mold testing is conducted to recreate the initial tests to confirm that the area has reverted to normal fungal ecology. If we cannot restore normalcy, the region is once more remedied.

Mold Violation

It's vital to note that consumers must contact a certified professional for mold inspection and mold remediation to resolve Class B and Class C mold violations in buildings with more than ten units.

Water Restoration

Water restoration is vital because it can prevent future damage to property and return it to its pre-damaged form. We employ EPA-approved processes, equipment, and mold removal chemicals to give adequate service every time.

The purpose of Bergen Mold Removal is to facilitate our client’s decision-making by demystifying the science to enable them better comprehend their surroundings about how their home or business affects the health of their family and staff. We think that information is empowering, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge required to establish a secure and healthy environment for themselves and those they care about. We are known for offering top-notch client service and creating lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that working together can make a difference in the fight against mold and other indoor air pollutants.

Additional Mold Removal Services: The Safe Choice

Mold Removal

As a qualified and accredited mold removal company, Bergen Mold Removal addresses every client as an individual and offers the best service in the sector. We put a lot of effort into promptly and adequately addressing their mold problems.

Black Mold Removal

While black mold can cause the most severe health concerns, any mold can create health issues in healthy people, especially those with allergies. Bergen Mold Removal can perform a mold test to be sure.

Mold Inspection and Testing

The residents are frequently unaware of their mold issue and are experiencing severe health effects. Testing for mold is crucial for this reason. Bergen Mold Removal is a leading mold testing company serving the Bergen County region.

Bathroom Mold Removal

Bergen Mold Removal will mobilize to the location to conduct any necessary bathroom mold removal. With the property owner’s cooperation, projects are planned to safely finish the required mold remediation and address the causes of mold growth.

Mold Abatement

Mold is soon becoming the subsequent mold abatement in commercial real estate liability as the number of litigation increases. Allow Bergen Mold Removal to examine and test their commercial property for mold to safeguard them and their company.

Basement Mold Removal

Sometimes mold is easy to spot in their home, but other times it’s concealed in basements. We can search for evidence of concealed mold. It includes a bubbling wall, musty scents, and unexpected allergic reactions.

Save Time And Mold Removal Costs With Our Services

If people have mold, call a mold removal business. Bergen Mold Removal offers independent testing to detect mold. We’ll provide a mold removal plan if necessary. This outline describes how to treat mold and its expense. They will save time and money by calling us at the first indication of mold. 

Our Professional Mold Testing Technicians Can Get Rid Of Mold Problems

If they are dealing with mold, they know it’s not something to mess around with. It can lead to significant health issues in addition to being unattractive. That’s why it’s crucial to call in professionals when they need mold removal. At Bergen Mold Removal, we offer a full range of mold removal services for home and business owners in Bergen County, NJ. Our experts remove the mold using the right cleaning supplies and techniques to guarantee it won’t reappear. Our knowledgeable professionals will determine the origin of mold and remove it from their property. We will also clean, disinfect, and restore damaged areas and materials.

Expert And Reliable Mold Removal Company

At Bergen Mold Removal, our vision is to be the best removal company firm in the Bergen County area. We strive to provide the best services and customer experience while also being a profitable and well-run operation. Our leadership team is strong and committed to our vision. We have a culture of accountability and responsibility that challenges our team respectfully and rewards always doing the right thing. We are positioned for success because of the high demand for our services and the dedication of our employees. By consistently striving to do the right thing, we are confident that we will achieve our vision and continue to be a leader in the industry.

Watch Out For These Signs Of Mold In Homes

Mold in homes can hurt occupants and make them sick even though it is a standard component of the environment. Act fast if mold starts to grow in their residence or business. Professionals should handle mold testing and removal. Mold can cause allergies, skin rashes, and asthma if not eliminated. It could cause damage to buildings. These mold danger indicators:

1. Weird Smell

Stale, musty odors are typically one of the first indications of mold. As it grows, mold releases terpenes, aldehydes, benzenes, and carboxylic acids. These compounds smell wet, musty, earthy, or stale. Mold scents may smell familiar from everyday home items. When someone smells something weird without a known explanation, there may be mold that they can’t see (like soiled clothing or food waste). We must investigate musty odors straight now. Mold removal could be required if there has been extensive mold growth to protect the home and the health of the occupants.

2. Asthma Triggers

The CDC has recognized mold as an indoor asthma trigger. Potentially aggravating allergy symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, coughing or wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, red, watery eyes, etc. are mold spores and MVOCs. Additionally, exposure to mold spores can cause dry, scaly skin, itchy eyes, nose, and throat (airborne irritants). The symptoms are worsened by mold in the house. The symptoms might get worse in bathrooms, air vents, closets, and attics. Also, cockroaches and mice can make indoor asthma and allergy symptoms worse.

3. Symptoms of Mycotoxins Exposure

Some molds create mycotoxins, which are harmful substances. Numerous health problems have been related to toxins, such as sick building syndrome, asthma, and allergy symptoms. Sick-building syndrome is a condition that is exacerbated by poor interior air quality. Fatigue and headaches are symptoms of sick-building syndrome. These signs frequently show when someone visits a haunted building before going away. Mold removal and reduction are two options for treating the sick-building syndrome. We can locate the source of the issue and solve it with the aid of professional mold testing.

4. Water Leakage

Many individuals could mistake a musty odor or the presence of water for mold growth, but these are only risk factors. Mold needs moisture to develop. It may show up as high humidity, leaking plumbing, or even something as simple as condensation from the HVAC system. Mold may easily take hold in places like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms if there is not enough ventilation. When a mold problem is discovered, we must act right away. The longer we wait, the more damage the mold will cause and the more challenging it will be to remove.

5. Ugly Black Spots

Mold may harm any household. In addition to being ugly, it also causes significant damage to homes. Though typically associated with wet environments, mold may grow on any surface exposed to moisture. It means that mold may still grow even if a person keeps their environment dry and clean. The most uncomplicated strategy to limit the spread of mold is to be proactive with moisture control. In humid sections of their home, we must use a dehumidifier and fix any leaks or water damage.

6. Mold On Wallpaper

Mold development on peeling or bubbling wallpaper may be brought on by dampness. Changes in temperature and humidity, particularly in the summer, can cause condensation on the wallpaper, and mold can grow if moisture is retained and the wallpaper becomes brittle. Checking for mold behind the wallpaper is crucial if someone has recently had water damage, wall odor, or mold exposure symptoms. Peeling wallpaper can also be caused by inadequate or poor adhesive. We must immediately remove any mold they see growing on their wallpaper to prevent it from spreading.

7. Pet Exposure To Harmful Molds

Pets frequently get into problems as a result of their inherent curiosity. Mold exposure is one problem that pet owners need to be aware of. Mold spores are tiny and sometimes overlooked, yet they may damage humans and animals in various ways. Dogs are more likely to consume bad food or snoop in moldy spots, rendering them vulnerable to mold exposure. Due to their tiny stature and weakened immune systems, pets are especially susceptible to the effects of mold. Lethargy, respiratory problems, coughing, wheezing, vomiting, and decreased appetite are all symptoms that mold exposure in pets causes.

Years Of Experience

One of New Jersey’s most reputable providers of environmental testing services is Bergen Mold Removal. Since then, Bergen Mold Removal has offered testing services to commercial and residential clients, always providing the most exemplary caliber service. Numerous prestigious healthcare facilities, hospitals, schools, housing authorities, public entities, and businesses have relied on Bergen Mold Removal to evaluate their environmental conditions and conduct environmental testing.


Bergen Mold Removal provides risk assessments, project monitoring, clearance testing, mold inspections, XRF lead paint inspections, water, soil, indoor air quality, asbestos testing, and planning for abatement. All company employees are entirely licensed, certified, and insured. Because Bergen Mold Removal does not offer cleanup services, its findings are neutral, without any conflicts of interest. 

Areas We Serve

Mold, lead, asbestos, water, soil, radon, and indoor air quality are some environmental hazards Bergen Mold Removal specializes in and advises for environmental testing. Our company has locations all around the state of New Jersey, including Bergen County.

Why We're the Best Choice for All

Skilled And Knowledgeable

We are an industry veteran with extensive expertise who has deep knowledge of testing procedures and is the company's owner. Most staff members have a long history with the company, and all are full-time workers.


Provides test results the same day and, because the trucks are fully equipped, can react fast and take immediate action to resolve problems identified.

Best In Class

The company's diagnostic testing and mitigation practices are the most accurate and exacting in the sector, exceeding regulatory norms.

Dedicated to the Public

Bergen Mold Removal treats consumers with a kind, helpful attitude and genuinely cares about the health and safety of the general public. They also provide information to assist people in understanding the risks of mold and lead.

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"I greatly appreciate Bergen Mold Removal's skill, interest, enthusiasm, and optimism!"
Kim Garcia
"They listened to my concerns and gladly gave me access to their abilities and experience. This is an unusual and really valued experience for me as a consumer."
Mike Levitz
"They do mold inspections and cleanup, test the air quality, and are knowledgeable, impartial, and truly concerned about the health of the residents of the house."
Thomas Cyrus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get a lot of questions! And we love it! Please keep them coming because we’re always happy to answer.

It’s essential to test for mold when people see it and when they believe it’s there, such as when people or dogs exhibit allergy-like symptoms, when the air smells terrible or musty, or when a basement or other wet area is present. Additionally, if their house has experienced a flood, leak, or sewage backup, if an ice dam has developed on their roof, or if they want to buy or sell their property, they should test. Bergen Mold Removal can provide trustworthy outcomes.

No. Although not all black mold is hazardous mold, some black mold is. While toxic mold can cause the most severe health problems, even non-toxic mold can create health problems in otherwise healthy people, particularly those who suffer from allergies. The most effective course of action is to get mold tested by trained professionals who can identify the level of danger posed by mold using scientific methods.

Who To Call For Mold Inspection If There Is Suspected Mold Growth In A Property?

Since it’s hard to identify every location where mold can be present, mold detection can be challenging and necessitates thorough sampling by a qualified expert. Additionally, DIY kits might not be trustworthy. A skilled and experienced mold inspector from Bergen Mold Removal may conduct comprehensive testing to establish the extent of their mold issue.

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In today’s world, getting the job done right the first time is more critical than ever. It is essential to be efficient and effective in everything we do. When it comes to dealing with government agencies, this is especially true. Bergen Mold Removal has a long history of getting the job done right first, and we are devoted to offering the most satisfactory service to our customers. We understand the importance of meeting all regulations and requirements, and we will work with customers to ensure their assignment is completed according to their satisfaction. Call Bergen Mold Removal now for a free consultation.

We look forward to helping them finish the job right the first time.

About the Company

Our team at Certified Bergen Mold Removal is committed to providing the best environmental experience possible. We are comprised of some of the best environmental talents in the field, most of whom are mold survivors. This intimate knowledge of how clients’ homes affect their health sets us apart from the competition. We are passionate about helping them breathe easier and live healthier lives. If they struggle with mold in their home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee to assist in every way we can them overcome this challenge.


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